Day 7: Online Media Use

This morning I listened to my new Spotify Discover Weekly Playlist on my way to my internship. At my internship, I checked out their twitter and facebook pages. I then ‘authored’ an event on Eventbrite for the organization.


Image from my Instagram: my personal work

Over lunch, I ‘authored‘ and distributed‘ another Instagram post. I also did some research for an assignment on ‘The conversation‘ and on the RMIT library website. I used the article as a reference, so in a sense this I distributed this content in the form of text. I also utilized these articles to improve my personal understanding of politics.

This afternoon I was tagged in a post for my netball team’s Facebook group before the game. I also corresponded with my friend about an assignment via Messenger on my phone.

How & Why?

I generated the online event invitations using Eventbrite to directly manage events and RSVP’s, as well as ensuring that all information for the event is in one place. It is easy to communicate events online and messages online to a direct community, which is established through an email address database. I like using these tools as they take some of the fuss out of event planning.

Similarly, corresponding in my netball team’s Facebook group is a good way to precisely ‘distribute’ a message to a group of people who don’t know each other very well. In that sense, Facebook groups make it easy to connect with people who I’m acquainted with.

I find that a feature of my online media use is repetition. I follow patterns and produce similar content on a regular basis for continuity and familiarity. Depending on the week these patterns may change slightly, but my daily use of social media and iPhone apps has become habitual.


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